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Community Partners

APS currently has over 500 business, non-profit,? civic or government partnerships, bringing businesses and professional people into the schools to work directly with students, teachers and administrators.

Along with the benefits to students, a partnership can fulfill partners’ organizational goals of actively participating in the local community, and can bring goodwill to the participating organization. Members of the organization who volunteer as tutors, mentors, Lunch Buddies and career mentors gain a sense of satisfaction that comes from being a part of something bigger. ?APS has three types of community partners:?

  1. Resource Partners provide space, gift certificates, incentive prizes, financial or in-kind donations.
  2. Service Partners provide mentors, tutors, guest speakers, workshops, internship opportunities and/or job shadowing opportunities.
  3. Strategic Partners have taken an extra step to ensure the life of the partnership by creating a partnership agreement with goals and outcomes that support both the APS Strategic Plan and the partners organizational goals. Strategic partners are resource and/or service partners as well.

Partnering with APS can be very rewarding for you and for your business or organization.

Ideas to get Involved:

  • Sponsor an after school club.
  • Provide guest speakers.
  • Provide tutors or mentors for students.
  • Provide incentives for students to stay in school.
  • Donate materials/supplies to schools.
  • Sponsor educational field trips.
  • Display student work or notices of school events.
  • Provide space for school training, meetings, or events.


Dawn Smith Volunteers, Partnership and Events Manager

2110 Washington Blvd, 4th Floor
鶹, VA 22204

For school inquiries, please contact the Volunteer & Partnership Liaison for your school.? The liaisons provide support to parents and community members wishing to volunteer with APS students and instructional programs.

Volunteer Liaisons by School

School Name Email
Abingdon Nikki Jondahl Nicole.Jondahl@apsva.us
鶹 Science Focus Stacia Griffin Stacia.Griffin@apsva.us
鶹 Traditional Jill Congelio Jill.Congelio@apsva.us
Ashlawn Cristela Luna Cristela.Luna@apsva.us
Barcroft Juan Ribera Mendoza Juan.Riberamendoza@apsva.us
Barrett Arturo Ramirez Arturo.Ramirez@apsva.us
Campbell Kristin Drabyk-Savage Kristin.Drabyk@apsva.us
Cardinal Tammy Cantow Tammy.Cantow@apsva.us
Carlin Springs Carol Sabatino Carol.Sabatino@apsva.us
Drew Darnice Samuels Darnice.Samuels@apsva.us
Claremont Laura Newbold Laura.Newbold@apsva.us
Discovery Anna Senn Anna.Senn@apsva.us
Escuela Key Ann Lee Ann.Lee2@apsva.us
Fleet Mikayla Jewell Mikayla.Jewell@apsva.us
Glebe Tia Laws Tia.Laws@apsva.us
Hoffman-Boston Jennifer Fellows Jennifer.Fellows@apsva.us
Innovation Lilith Millson Lilith.Millson@apsva.us
Jamestown Damon Corprew Damon.Corprew@apsva.us
Long Branch Karen Woolley Karen.Woolley@apsva.us
Montessori Public School of 鶹 Kia Stevenson-Haynes Kia.Stevensonhaynes@apsva.us
Nottingham Emily Ward Emily.Small@apsva.us
Oakridge: Marian Criswell Marian.Criswell@apsva.us
Randolph Wyatt Weber Wyatt.Weber@apsva.us
Taylor Janis Johnston Janis.Johnston@apsva.us
Tuckahoe Robin Andersen Robin.Andersen@apsva.us
Gunston Tamika Rector Tamika.Rector@apsva.us
Hamm Crystal Richardson Crystal.Richardson@apsva.us
Jefferson Kip Malinosky Kip.Malinosky@apsva.us
Kenmore Alam Lainez Alam.Lainez@apsva.us
Swanson Nohra Rodriguez Nohra.Rodriguez@apsva.us
Williamsburg Ashley Hogwood Ashley.Hogwood@apsva.us
鶹 Community High School Daniel Castillo Daniel.Castillo@apsva.us
鶹 Career Center Nicole DeRocco Nicole.DeRocco@apsva.us
Shriver Karen Miller Karen.Miller2@apsva.us
H-B Woodlawn Vanessa Piccorossi Vanessa.Piccorossi@apsva.us
Langston Nicola Farris Nicola.Farris@apsva.us
Wakefield Willow Scott Willow.Scott@apsva.us
Washington-Liberty Linda Kelleher Linda.Kelleher@apsva.us
Yorktown Eileen Wagner Eileen.Wagner@apsva