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Special Education

APS provides a continuum of services for eligible students with disabilities, PreK through age 21, who are determined eligible to receive special education services.

Parents/guardians are key members of collaborative educational teams that determine eligibility for special education, as well as all decisions that are made related to special education services. The special education process is guided by state and federal regulations, as well as APS special education policies and procedures, and informed parental consent is required.

Medicaid Information

鶹 Public Schools, along with all public school districts in Virginia, has the opportunity to bill the state Medicaid program for partial reimbursement for health-related services (i.e. occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, etc.) provided to special education students. These services must be documented in the childs Individualized Education Program (IEP) and have parental consent.

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APS Student Support Manual

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The 鶹 Public Schools?Student Support Manual?provides guidance on how to implement consistent, high quality, data driven, legally compliant support for students, including special education and related services, across the entire APS system. The intended audience for this manual is primarily APS staff; however, this manual is also available to families.
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Get Involved!

Parents can join the community and provide input via:

鶹 Special Education Advisory Committee (ASEAC)

Need Help?

It is always best to start with your childs teacher, case carrier, or related service provider.

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Contact Information

Office of Special Education

2110 Washington Boulevard, 鶹, Virginia, 22204? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Director, Elementary Special Education:
Dr. Kelly Krug

Director, Secondary Special Education:
Dr. Kenneth Brown

Supervisor, Special Education

Parent Resource Center (PRC)
Kathleen Donovan, Special Education Coordinator
Gina DeSalvo, Special Education Coordinator
Emma Parral-Sanchez, Administrative Assistant
703-228-7239 Syphax Center, Suite 158

Administrative Assistant, Special Education
Denisha Parker

Student Support Coordinators

School Coordinator Email
Abingdon Shirtona Horton shirtona.horton@apsva.us
鶹 Community High School Office of Special Education Office of Special Education
鶹 Science Focus Dr. Becca Reid becca.reid@apsva.us
鶹 Traditional School Dr. Nancy Routson nancy.routson@apsva.us
Ashlawn Alyssa D’Amore-Yarnall alyssa.damoreyarnall@apsva.us
Barcroft Natalie White natalie.white@apsva.us
Barrett Alyssa Watkins alyssa.watkins@apsva.us
Campbell Eileen Temprosa eileen.temprosa@apsva.us
Cardinal Manjit Chase manjit.chase@apsva.us
Career Center/ACHS Jennifer Doll jennifer.doll@apsva.us
Carlin Springs Deirdre Groh deirdre.groh@apsva.us
Claremont Erica Midboe erica.midboe@apsva.us
Child Find Karen Agate karen.agate@apsva.us
Discovery Dr. Loribeth Bosserman loribeth.bosserman@apsva.us
Dr. Charles R. Drew Carlette Bryan carlette.bryan@apsva.us
Escuela Key Colette Bounet colette.bounet@apsva.us
Alice West Fleet Jenna Weinberg jenna.weinberg@apsva.us
Glebe Kristen Shymoniak kristen.shymoniak@apsva.us
Gunston Meggie Scogna meggie.scogna@apsva.us
Dorothy Hamm Amiee Puschkin aimee.puschkin@apsva.us
H-B Woodlawn Meg Davis meg.davis@apsva.us
Hoffman-Boston Doug Hale Allison hale.allison@apsva.us
Innovation Melissa Meck melissa.meck@apsva.us
Integration Station Sara Shaw Sara.shaw@apsva.us
Jamestown Karin Bloss karin.bloss@apsva.us
Jefferson Dr. Matthew Gavin matthew.gavin@apsva.us
Kenmore Katelyn Gurgiolo katelyn.gurgiolo@apsva.us
Langston Shirtona Horton shirtona.horton@apsva.us
Long Branch Kimberly Morris kimberly.morris@apsva.us
Montessori Public School of 鶹 Eileen Temprosa eileen.temprosa@apsva.us
New Directions Office of Special Education Office of Special Education
Nottingham Christine Ray christine.ray@apsva.us
Oakridge Jennifer Crain jennifer.crain@apsva.us
Randolph Emily Gillespie emily.gillespie@apsva.us
Eunice Kennedy Shriver Program Frida Krachenfels frida.krachenfels@apsva.us
Swanson Donna Lucchesi donna.lucchesi@apsva.us
Taylor Amy Apgar amy.apgar@apsva.us
Tuckahoe Katie Hawkins kathryn.hawkins@apsva.us
Wakefield Krystal Bujeiro-Hines krystal.hines@apsva.us
Washington-Liberty Lauren Fantozzi lauren.fantozzi@apsva.us
Williamsburg Cynthia Evans cynthia.evans@apsva.us
Yorktown Sun Wilkoff sun.wilkoff@apsva.us
Contract Services Lauren Robertson
Brian Stapleton

Mission Statement

The Office of Special Education provides ongoing support throughout the special education process for students with disabilities, parents/guardians, principals, and school staff, to include support in the areas of evaluation, identification, placement, instruction, and transition services.

Vision Statement

Individuals with disabilities are valued members of the community, entitled to access opportunities which comprise a meaningful and dignified life. The Office of Special Education (OSE) actively promotes and fosters inclusion of all students in the school and greater community as part of a respectful culture which recognizes the value of individuality.

Foundation Values

  • Special Education is an integral part of the total education system, not a separate entity. Special Education enhances the effectiveness of the school system to meet the needs of all students. Students with disabilities will be educated in an age appropriate environment with non-disabled students to the maximum extent possible. Students should be served within the regular classroom setting to the degree that is consistent with meeting the specific needs of each student, while providing an appropriate education and environment for all students.? Students should be provided special education services within their neighborhood or selected alternative school, unless there is a compelling educational reason for change in school placement.
  • Students, regardless of their educational needs, will be a part of their school community, which will actively promote and foster positive attitudes toward and full acceptance of all students. Staff will be empowered to meet the educational needs of all students. Professional development activities will be provided to support the learning and professional growth of school-based staff.
  • Parent involvement in the school community will support the educational success of all students.