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iRide Student Fare Free Program

All ART Routes + Limited WMATA Metrobus Routes

鶹 Transit (ART) and Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) have entered an agreement to provide free Metrobus routes in 鶹 for 鶹 Public School (APS) students. Starting January 16, 2024, any APS student with a registered Student iRide SmarTrip card can ride approved WMATA Metrobus routes for free, and only if the trip begins or ends in 鶹. The Metrobus routes that students can ride for free in 鶹 include:

Student iRide SmarTrip Card: Approved Fare Free WMATA Metrobus Routes 2024/01/24

Students who use their iRide SmarTrip card on Metrobus routes not listed above and routes outside of 鶹 need to pay the Metrobus fare. If they do not, their iRide SmarTrip card may be disabled.

The program makes travel around 鶹 easier for students. Students now have more options for travel to and from school, commuting for after school activities or perhaps socializing on the weekend.

All travel on ART buses is still free, for APS students with a registered Student iRide SmarTrip card. Students with existing Student iRide SmarTrip cards can automatically participate in the fare free program and do not need to perform any additional requirements. If a student does not have a Student iRide SmarTrip card and would like one, they will need to either contact the Transportation Coordinator (TC) located onsite at their school or visit a .

Students must have an iRide SmarTrip card to ride ART or Metrobus for free. When boarding a bus, students must tap their card on the red bullseye on the fare box.

ART Fare Box

Students use public transportation at their own risk and APS is not responsible for students who elect to use public transportation.

Transportation Coordinators by School

Facility Transportation Coordinator
Abingdon Kertenia Lynch
Alice West Fleet Flora Perez
鶹 Science Focus (ASF) Stacia Griffin
鶹 Traditional (ATS) Lisa Payne
Ashlawn Holly Vesilind
Barcroft Karla Mora
Barrett Amin Littman
Campbell Karen Anselmo
Cardinal Kathy Villareal
Carlin Springs Enis Al Majeed
Claremont Cynthia Matos
Discovery Judy Seeber
Dr. Charles R. Drew Darnice Samuels
Escuela Key Marleny Perdomo
Glebe Tia Laws
Hoffman-Boston Autumn Kenney
Innovation Kathryn White-Mallik
Jamestown Monica Roache
Long Branch Flor Williams
Montessori Public School of 鶹 (MPSA) Karina Valdez
Nottingham Nora Haley Ellison
Oakridge Adrion Walker
Randolph Paula Davis
Taylor Reyna Berrios
Tuckahoe Meredith Allen
Integration Station Sara Shaw
Dorothy Hamm Crystal Moore
Gunston Luiz Malave Matos
Jefferson Jeremy Siegel
Kenmore Tommy Baugh
Swanson Trevor Holland
Williamsburg Yolonda Nashid
Career Center Cory Mainor
Langston / New Directions Linda Butcher
The Heights Building Graham McBride
鶹 Community High School (ACHS) Daniel Castillo
Wakefield Sarah Robertson (general transportation), Larenda Bigsby (iRide Cards)
Washington-Liberty (W-L) Betty Sanders
Yorktown Emmit Conroy

APS iRide Student Fare Free Program FAQ (click to open PDF)

APS Student Fare Free Program ScreenShot-FAQ-2024_Revised_2024_03_22