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Graduation Requirements

To graduate from high school, students must meet the minimum requirements for either the Standard Diploma or Advanced Studies Diploma as outlined below. A standard credit is earned when a student passes a course. A verified credit is earned when a student passes a course and either the associated end-of-course SOL test or a performance assessment in history and social sciences.

  • 26 Total Course Credits
  • 4 English
  • 4 Math
  • 4 Science
  • 4 History & Social Sciences
  • 2 Health/PE
  • 1 Economics and Personal Finance
  • 3 World Languages (or 2 of 2 languages)
  • 1 Fine Art (FA) or Career and Technology Education(CTE)
  • 4 Electives (including two sequential)

  • 22 Total Course Credits
  • 4 English
  • 3 Math
  • 3 Science
  • 3 History & Social Sciences
  • 2 Health/PE
  • 1 Economics and Personal Finance
  • 2 World Languages (WL), Fine Arts (FA), or Career and Technology Education (CTE)
    (1 must be FA or CTE, AND 1 must be WL, FA, or CTE)
  • 4 Electives (including two sequential)


2 English (1 Reading and 1 Writing)

1 Math

1 Science

1 History/Social Science

Additional Requirements

  • First Aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and automated external defibrillators (AED) Training (APS students complete this through PE/Health 9 curriculum)
  • 1 Virtual course (APS students complete this through Economics and Personal Finance or AP/IB Economics)
  • 1 Intensified (HN)/AP/IB/DE course OR 1 CTE credential OR

Verified Credit Process in Social Studies (Locally Awarded)

Virginia graduation requirements require all students to earn one verified credit in History/Social Sciences.? Once a student has earned a verified credit, they do not need an additional verified credit in History/Social Science.? The following courses allow students to earn their verified credit:

  • World Geography
  • World History I
  • World HIstory II
  • VA/US History

Traditionally, students earned the verified credit by passing the multiple choice SOL exam at the conclusion of the course. Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, students taking History/Social Studies will earn their verified credit through a locally awarded verified credit process that includes instruction and assessment in the content and skills of the course.

In order to earn the locally awarded verified credit, students must:

  1. Not previously have earned a verified credit in Social Studies
  2. Be currently enrolled in the course for which they are seeking verified credit
  3. Pass the course
  4. Participate in a VDOE developed performance-based assessment in a majority of the eras or categories for the course
    • World History II: VDOE developed assessments required in two out of three eras.
    • World Geography, Word History I, Virginia/US History: VDOE developed assessments required in three out of four eras.
  5. Participate in teacher created/selected assessments that cover the content and skills not covered by the VDOE developed performance-based assessments.

Students may pass the course and earn a standard credit for the course without earning a verified credit.? This would happen if the student does not engage in the required number of VDOE developed performance-based assessments.? It is important that students attend class and submit responses to the required assessments at the time that they are administered.

Other Diploma Options and Resources

APS Promotion and Retention Policies and PIPs


Promotion between grades is based upon the progress made by the individual in the acquisition of knowledge and skills in relation to the minimum objectives established at each grade level in the elementary and middle schools and for each high school course required for graduation.

    • regulates the progress of students through the school system and for graduation
    • considers the students achievement in relation to grade level objectives
    • specifies the student requirements to graduate from APS

*Promotion to grade nine from grade eight- a student must have successfully completed eighth grade mathematics, English, science, and social studies


Students at risk of needing to repeat a grade (retention) will be identified by the end of the second marking period. Parents/guardians will be provided notice of the academic difficulties as well as interventions that will be considered.

    • A student will be retained in a grade when educational growth does not warrant assignment to the next grade.
    • Is based on academic performance in relation to the countywide objectives established at each grade level.
    • At the middle school level, students who have not successfully completed eighth grade mathematics, English, science and world geography will be retained.
    • At the high school level, students who have not completed the requirements for high school graduation will be retained.