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Citizen Advisory Groups

鶹 Public Schools has a strong network of more than 30 volunteer advisory committees, each one focusing on a specific subject or topic area from instruction to construction.

2024-25 Application Now Available

All School Board Advisory Council applicants must complete the online application form.

Serving on an Advisory Committee

Advisory committees and advisory groups vary in formality and time commitment. Some report to the School Board on an annual basis, while others work directly with 鶹 Public Schools staff members on a particular project or subject. In addition, ad hoc groups may be formed for limited terms to focus on projects and issues of immediate concern. Terms are staggered so that vacancies occur regularly.

Most members of advisory groups are appointed by the School Board, which seeks to reflect the broad diversity of the community in order to ensure a wide range of perspectives. In addition, some committees or groups are convened by the Superintendent on other topics (see Non-Instructional Advisory Committees for more information).

If you are interested in finding out more about a particular advisory group or committee, attend a committee meeting. All meetings are open to the public, and all citizens are welcome to attend regardless of whether they have children enrolled in 鶹 Public Schools.

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