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Facilities & Operations

Facilities and Operations Management provides oversight and authority for facilities planning, capital improvement programs, aquatics, building and grounds maintenance, custodial services, energy management, and transportation.

Approximately 5 million square feet of space in 44 facilities and more than 350 acres of land are managed and maintained. About 240 buses, vans, pickups, sedans, trailers, and moveable equipment are included in the bus and support vehicle fleet.


Trades Center

2770 S Taylor St
鶹 VA 22206


Renee Harber, Assistant Superintendent for Facilities and Operations

Vanessa Williams, Executive Administrative Specialist

F&O Staff

Title Name Email
Extension (703) 228-
Director of Aquatics Management Helena Machado helena.machado@apsva.us 6264
Director of Design and Construction Jeffrey Chambers jeffrey.chambers@apsva.us 6613
Assistant Director of Design and Construction VACANT
Director for Facilities and Operations Cathy Lin cathy.lin@apsva.us 7731
Director of Maintenance James Meikle james.meikle@apsva.us 6617
Assistant Director of Maintenance Steven Bernheisel steven.bernheisel@apsva.us 6621
Director of Plant Operations Arthur Bell arthur.bell@apsva.us 7732
Assistant Manager of Plant Operations Kerm Towler kerm.towler@apsva.us 6649
Executive Director of Transportation & Fleet Management Lance Johnson lance.johnson@apsva.us 6636
Transportation Operations Manager (General Services) Gladis Cruz-Zyoud gladis.zyoud@apsva.us 8629
Transportation Operations Manager (Special Needs) Kyndra Fenwick kyndra.fenwick@apsva.us 6635
Transportation Demand Management Specialist Kevin Treakle kevin.treakle@apsva.us 8652