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Safety Tips for Walking, Biking, and Rolling to School

Tips for Students Walking to School or the Bus Stop

  • Choose the safest route from your home to the school.
  • Select a route that is most direct and has intersections with crosswalks when possible.
  • Leave on time for school and/or in plenty of time to arrive at school or the bus stop.
  • Stay on the sidewalk and be aware of traffic in the area.
  • If there is no sidewalk, walk and stand facing traffic.
  • When near the street, dont push, shove, or chase other students.
  • Students should not wear headphones or text while walking, as they may not hear the sounds of oncoming traffic.
  • Cross the street safely:
  • Stop at the curb or edge of the street.
    • Look left, right, left and behind you and in front of you for traffic.
    • Wait until no traffic is coming and then begin crossing.
    • Keep looking for traffic until you have finished crossing.
    • Walk, dont run across the street.
    • Obey traffic signs, signals and school crossing guards.
    • Cross roads in crosswalks instead of making mid-block crossings.
  • Be aware of drivers in parked cars that may be ready to move.
  • Look for cars that may be entering or exiting driveways or alleyways.
  • Do not enter the street from between parked cars or from behind bushes or shrubbery.
  • Be extra alert in bad weather.
  • Wear bright colors so that motorists can easily see you.
  • Wait for the school bus at least 10 feet from the road and further away if the weather is bad.
  • Never accept a ride from people not arranged or approved by your parents.
  • Develop a buddy system and always walk in groups of at least two or three.
  • If possible, an adult or older student should walk with young children.
  • Students should not take shortcuts or cut through alleys, private property or across vacant lots.
  • Students should immediately report anyone suspicious to an adult C a parent, school personnel or the school resource officer.


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