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Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal dollars.

鶹 Public Schools provides equal educational opportunities and working and learning environments that are free of discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity or expression. 鶹 Public Schools designs its educational facilities, programs and activities from an equity-based perspective, to meet the varying needs of all students.

Title IX Investigators by School

Secondary Program Investigators

School/Program Name Title Email Phone
鶹 Career Center Bowerman, Rachel Asst. Principal rachel.bowerman@apsva.us 703-228-5800
鶹 Community High School Allen, Jeannette Asst. Principal jeannette.allen@apsva.us 703-228-8233
Dorothy Hamm Moore, Lisa Asst. Principal lisa.moore@apsva.us 703-228-2916
Gunston Bruce, Dr. Kevon Director of Counseling Kevon.bruce@apsva.us 703-228-6912
H-B Woodlawn Seche, Kate Asst. Principal kate.seche@apsva.us 703-228-6363
Kenmore Bresnahan, Katlin Director of Counseling kaitlin.bresnahan@apsva.us 703-228-6806
Langston/New Directions Jackson, Kimberly Principal Kimberly.jackson@apsva.us 703-228-5294
Shriver Hewan, George Principal george.hewan@apsva.us 703-228-6440
Swanson Loft, Bridget Principal bridget.loft@apsva.us 703-228-5505
TJMS Hanson, Robert Asst. Principal robert.hanson@apsva.us 703-228-5895
Wakefield Barnes, Brandi Dean brandi.barnes@apsva.us 703-228-6674
Washington-Liberty Baskin, Roger Dean Roger.Baskin@apsva.us 703-228-6245
Williamsburg Koutsouftikis, John Asst. Principal john.koutsouftikis@apsva.us 703-228-5450
Yorktown Jenkins, Juanice Dean juanice.jenkins@apsva.us 703-228-5432

Elementary Program Investigators

School/Program Name Title Email Phone
Abingdon Oliveira, Anne Asst. Principal anne.oliveira@apsva.us 703-228-6650
鶹 Science Focus Sokolove, Eric Asst. Principal eric.sokolove@apsva.us 703-228-7670
鶹 Traditional School Podbelski, Sam Principal sameul.podbelski@apsva.us 703-228-5942
Ashlawn Holly Vesilind Asst. Principal holly.vesilind@aspva.us 703-228-5270
Barcroft Flores, Marcelo Asst. Principal alvaro.flores@apsva.us 703-228-5838
Barrett Littman, Amin Asst. Principal amin.littman@apsva.us 703-228-4722
Campbell Anselmo, Karen Asst. Principal karen.anselmo@apsva.us 703-228-8447
Cardinal Brown, Colin Principal colin.brown@apsva.us 703-228-5280
Carlin Springs Enis Al Majeed Asst. Principal enis.almajeed@apsva.us 703-228-6645
Claremont Wales-Smith, Erin Asst. Principal erin.walessmith@apsva.us 703-228-2513
Discovery Seeber, Judy Asst. Principal judith.seeber@apsva.us 703-228-2685
Dr. Charles Drew Welch, James Asst. Principal James.Welch@apsva.us 703-228-5825
Alice West Fleet Ward, Rebecca Asst. Principal rebecca.ward@apsva.us 703-228-5820
Glebe Clarke-Marshall, Ingrid Asst. Principal i.clarkemarshall@apsva.us 703-228-6280
Hoffman-Boston Autumn Workman Asst. Principal autumn.kenney@apsva.us? 703-228-2226
Innovation Peters, Claire Principal claire.peters@apsva.us 703-228-2700
Jamestown Roache, Dr. Monica Asst. Principal monica.roache@apsva.us 703-228-5275
Escuela Key Wilson Ramirez Asst. Principal wilson.ramirez@apsva.us 703-228-4210
Long Branch Deitra Pulliam Asst. Principal deitra.pulliam@apsva.us 703-228-4220
Montessori Public Nashid, Yoland Asst. Principal yolanda.nashid@apsva.us 703-228-8871
Nottingham Lynch, Dr. Megan Asst. Principal megan.Lynch@apsva.us 703-915-1974
Oakridge Wright, Lynne Principal Lynne.Wright@apsva.us 703-228-5840
Randolph Paula Davis Asst. Principal paula.davis@apsva.us 703-228-8191
Taylor Sherman, Caitlin Asst. Principal Caitlin.Sherman@apsva.us 703-228-6275
Tuckahoe Maurer, Michele Asst. Principal michele.maurer@apsva.us 703-228-5288


Sedrick Ross, Title IX Coordinator

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Student Support
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