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Integration Station

Integration Station provides an integrated educational program for 2-5 year old children with disabilities.

Integration Station (IS) is co-located with , and provides an integrated educational program for 2-5 year old APS students with disabilities. The collaboration between APS/IS and TCS has provided students with disabilities opportunities to integrate with students without disabilities for over 20 years. Integration Station offers a continuum of classrooms including a special education classroom for toddlers and a pre-kindergarten multi-intervention program for students with autism (MIPA) are a part of the IS program. Students in these classrooms experience a range of integrated opportunities based on their needs. IS also includes our Preschool Integrative Programs (PIP) at Little Beginnings Child Development Center located at the Clarendon United Methodist Church and our Community-Based Preschool Support Program serving students with disabilities in community-based settings like private pre-kindergartens, Head Start and child care centers across the county.? Together TCS and IS serve over 200 children consisting of infants, toddlers and pre-kindergarteners.


4770 Langston Boulevard

IS Hours of Operation: 7:50 AM-1:00 PM Toddler Class (Peeps, Owls, and Cardinals) 7:50 AM -2:40 PM (all other classes)

Sara Shaw, Integration Station Administrator

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