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Division Counsel

The Division Counsel serves as the in-house legal counsel for 鶹 Public Schools and the School Board. The office:

  • Advises the Superintendent, School Board, Executive Leadership Team and other district staff regarding legal issues related to the Constitution, students rights, education, employment, civil rights, real estate, local government, procurement, contracts, tort law, and state and federal laws.
  • Interprets federal, state and local laws, renders legal opinions, and provides legal advice in the drafting of legal documents, policies, rules and regulations, resolutions, applications and other legal or quasi-legal papers.
  • Provides technical legal expertise, information and assistance in the formulation and development of policies, procedures and programs to ensure legal compliance. Advises the School Board and Superintendent of unusual trends or problems and recommends appropriate corrective actions.
  • Advises the School Board regarding federal and state legislation of concern to the school system and coordinates with Executive Leadership Team and other staff to develop and revise legislation, policies and regulations that promote the interests of the school system.
  • Represents the School Board and Superintendent in administrative hearings and before fact-finding panels, Civil Service Commission, School Board and other entities.
  • Conducts research, gathers evidence, prepares pleadings and legal briefs, and takes other action as necessary to defend or initiate legal action.
  • Appears before federal, state and local courts and legislative bodies to present the Districts position on issues pending before those entities.
  • Handles Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.


Chrissy Smith, Division Counsel



Raymond Franklin, Senior Paralegal