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Homeschool Participation in Sports/Extracurriculars

Many parents ask whether their homeschool student may participate in sports or extracurricular activities at their neighborhood schools.

Students may participate on a very limited basis (see below) at the high school level ONLY.

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High school students who are approved for home instruction based on the Code of Virginia requirements, may complete an application for partial enrollment in the 鶹 Public Schools on a part-time basis, in up to two credit-bearing courses per school year on a space available basis with priority given to full-time students. Course enrollment shall be limited to core courses (English, mathematics, science, social studies, or foreign language). Enrollment in courses will be done within a specified time period and scheduled after the regular course selection process for full-time students. Partially enrolled students will limit their presence on school grounds to the times of their scheduled classes. Students who are partially-enrolled may have access to the library during school hours as part of their class work. They may also use the school library during regular designated after school times. Students who are partially-enrolled may not use the library or any school facility during the school day unless the activity is during class time under the teachers supervision.+

Middle School students?whose parents/guardians have elected to provide Home Instruction based on Code of Virginia requirements may also apply for partial enrollment in 鶹 Public Schools on a part-time basis in up to two core high school credit-bearing courses per school year on a space available basis with priority given to full-time students.

Partially-enrolled students will be eligible for regularly-scheduled transportation services to school for classes that commence at the beginning of the school day. Students may use regularly-scheduled transportation from school if their classes are scheduled the last period of the school day. Partially-enrolled students must meet Office of Transportation Services eligibility guidelines to receive school transportation services.

Partially-enrolled students are not eligible to participate in Virginia High School League designated school-sponsored athletics, student organizations, and clubs. Partial enrollment is limited to the students attendance area school. Alternative and countywide programs are not an option for partially-enrolled students on home instruction. In the event that a partially-enrolled student fails to comply with registration, behavior and course requirements, 鶹 Public Schools reserves the right to limit or withdraw the opportunity for enrollment pending a conference with the parent, student, home school liaison and school administrator or designee.