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Damage to Devices

Shattered Broken tablet computer Tablet Screen On White Background

鶹 Public Schools loans digital devices to students as a tool for learning. These devices are property of 鶹 Public Schools, and students are responsible for keeping their individual devices in good working order. Families are held responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement of issued (1:1) devices that are lost, stolen or damaged as the result of an intentional or negligent act. This requirement is a component of .

In the event the device is lost, stolen or damaged, the device will be repaired/replaced and returned to the student. If the school determines the loss or damage was caused by an intentional or negligent act they will seek reimbursement from the family for the actual repair or replacement cost*. Students who are issued 鶹 Public Schools owned and maintained devices are provided specific examples of guidelines to assist them with meeting the expectations for use and care of 鶹 Public Schools equipment in the accompanying policy implementation procedure. These guidelines are available to families in the Digital Learning section of the APS Handbook.

The current costs for the most common types of repairs are listed below, along with the full replacement cost in the event of a loss.

iPad Costs

  • Battery – $50
  • Standard Case – $32
  • Keyboard Case – $99.95
  • Charger Port – $45
  • Cracked Glass – $50
  • Digitizer – $50
  • Headphone Jack – $50
  • Home Button – $40
  • Power Supply – $27.08
  • USB Cable – $11.96
  • Complete replacement – $285

MacBook Air Costs

  • Battery – $150
  • Camera – $280
  • Charging Circuit – $150
  • Cracked Screen – $260
  • Harddrive – $200
  • Mother Board – $350
  • Trackpad – $150
  • Power Supply – $53.16
  • Complete replacement 11″ – $634.04
  • Complete replacement 13″ – $779

* In accordance with APS policy, schools may adjust the reimbursement in alignment with a family’s ability to pay.