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Student Support Process

Do you have a concern about your child's academic, social, or emotional development or behavior at school? There are a variety of supports in place.

Student support is a team process that starts at the school level.

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Student Support Teams follow a structure known as the 鶹 Tiered System of Support (ATSS).

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Through the Student Support Team process, a student may be referred for evaluation for Special Education services.

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Who do I call?

It is always best to start with your childs teacher, case carrier, or related service provider (if the concern involves a related service).?The charts below provide a recommended communication sequence. Please feel free to contact the Parent Resource Center at 703-228-7239 or prc@apsva.us .

Communications Flow Chart (PreK and Elementary)

thumbnail of Communication Flow Chart PreK-Elementary.October 2023

Secondary Communications Flow Chart (Middle and High School)

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The 鶹 Public Schools Student Support Manual provides guidance on how to implement consistent, high quality, data driven, legally compliant support for students, including special education and related services, across the entire APS system. The intended audience for this manual is primarily APS staff; however, this manual is also available to families.

View the APS Student Support Manual

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