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Superintendent’s Advisory Committee On Sustainability

The purpose of the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (SACS) is to provide recommendations to the Superintendent to achieve 鶹 Public Schools’ (APS) sustainability objectives. APS defines sustainability as meeting the current needs of our students and staff while preserving the resources for future generations. This entails integrating energy and environmental conservation into our daily operations and within our dynamic learning environment while meeting safety and comfort standards in a fiscally responsible manner.

All meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month from September through June at 7:00 PM. Currently meetings are being held virtually.

Sustainability Liaison Program

About the Program

The Sustainability Liaison Program aims to support teachers at 鶹 Public Schools (APS) by providing a modest stipend in exchange for coordinating and designing sustainability activities that engage students and the APS community. The program began in the Fall of 2016 with teachers from ten (10) schools participating in the first year.

We invite you to learn more about their accomplishments in detail by clicking the presentation below. Given the success of the program over the years, the program has expanded to all APS schools. Members of the Sustainability Committee continue assisting the liaisons with their projects and ideas.

thumbnail of APS Sustainability Liaison Slide Deck 2023-2024


Sustainability Liaisons 2023-2024

School Liaison
Abingdon Renita Upshur
鶹 Science Focus Melissa Idell
鶹 Traditional Janette Mason
Barcroft Susan Spranger
Barrett Stefanie Fleenor
Campbell Nicole Croce
Cardinal Lauren Baskins
Carlin Springs Dennis Clark
Discovery Allison Hutto
Drew Nathan Steele
Alice West Fleet Ashley Snyder
Glebe Heather Morgan
Hoffman-Boston Kathryn Peterson & Kris Pflaging
Innovation Maggie Connelly
Jamestown Amy Blaine
Escuela Key Beverly Kilmer
Long Branch Katie Pawlowski
Montessori Public School Suzanne Stork & Lila Ross
Nottingham Victoria Weiss
Oakridge Sean Jones
Randolph Rae Gunawardena
Taylor Cris Richardson
Tuckahoe Andrea Kaplowitz
Middle Schools
Dorothy Hamm Latanja Thomas
Jefferson Kaila Leonberger
Kenmore John Gullickson
Swanson Christine Reardon
Williamsburg Colin Sundwick
High Schools
鶹 Community Betsy Minihan & Maria Clinger
Wakefield Sean Tracey
Washington & Liberty Kristen Johnston
Yorktown Eric Brown
Langston Verlese Gaither
The Heights Kathryn Bognolo
Career Center Kristina Brody
Eunice Shriver Jim Cooney

Project Library

Since 2016, APS sustainability liaisons have spearheaded dozens of projects and programs, affecting thousands of students and staff. This Project Library is a repository of descriptions of some of those projects. Each entry has a summary, implementation steps, resources needed, obstacles overcome, photos, contacts, and plans for the future. The hope is that sustainability liaisons, other teachers, staff, parents, and students can start similar projects without having to reinvent the wheel.


  • Dr. Dat Le, Science Supervisor
  • Cathy Lin, Director, Facilities & Operations
  • Tanner Prime, Energy/Stormwater Manager, Facilities & Operations

Email: energy@apsva.us


Committee Membership

Committee Members 2022-23

  • Meredith Allen
  • Isabelle Cozzarelli
  • Richard Derbyshire
  • Elenor Hodges
  • Paul Kaplowitz
  • Gregory Lloyd
  • Leah Nichols
  • Cynthia Palmer
  • Robin Puttock
  • David Sachs
  • Eric Tilden
  • Laura Watchman

Staff Liaisons

  • Dr. Dat Le, Science Supervisor
  • Cathy Lin, Director, Facilities & Operations
  • Tanner Prime, Energy/Stormwater Manager, Facilities & Operations