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CTE Advisory Committee

Rosie O’Neil, 2022-2023 Committee Co-Chair

Dan Marschall, 2022-2023 Committee Co-Chair

The Career, Technical and Adult Education (CTAE) Advisory Committee, a subcommittee of the Advisory Council on Teaching and Learning, assists the Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education in reviewing and recommending improvements to existing programs and supporting the development of new course offerings in related areas to enhance the instructional program of 鶹 Public Schools. Recommendations are made to the Advisory Council on Teaching & Learning and ultimately the School Board.

Volunteer for the CTAE Committee

Are you interested in our next generation of workers in the Washington DC metropolitan area? Do you have ideas on how to improve career and technical education in 鶹 Public Schools (APS)? Can you spend a couple of hours a month with like-minded people from business, academia, and the community to add your voice? Today it is not just reading, writing, math and science; students must be ready for a changing workforce whatever their career aspirations might be. They might be looking at careers in hospitality, technology, engineering, the medical field, or new fields such as cybersecurity or data science. Even fields we do not have today!! Bring your experience and expertise to the Career, Technical, and Adult Education (CTAE) Committee, Advisory Council on Instruction, 鶹 Public Schools (APS). Join our group of educators, business professionals, parents and community activists at our monthly meetings where we discuss topics such as:

  • Discussing trends in the business and higher education landscapes, local and regional, and their potential impact on the K-12 school system;
  • Creating business connections within the 鶹 and regional community to enable students to have beneficial work experiences, internships, and apprenticeships;
  • Examining career pathways for students of all academic abilities, including those with special challenges;
  • Exploring educational offerings in APS, particularly at the Career Center, soon to house 鶹 Tech., to ensure all students are highly employable whether they elect to go on to 4-year universities, community college, or enter a trade;
  • Identifying professional development requirements for APS teachers such as their recent engagement in project-based learning techniques;
  • Reviewing nationwide K-12 initiatives such as dual enrollment and how these might apply to APS and our implementation strategy;
  • Funding priorities including allocations under the annual Federal Perkins Act, finding and pursuing grant opportunities, and funding requests to the School Board, through the ACI process;
  • Updating and creating new educational policies, such as recent advances in obtaining quality points for all dual enrollment classes; and
  • Ensuring that the adult education program meets the needs of the 鶹 community, with offerings that support workforce development as well as programs to support the continued learning for all citizens.

We need your expertise and guidance, come join our committee.

Meeting Schedule

The Advisory Committee meets each month on Wednesday’s from 8:30-9:30 AM.