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Student Services

The Office of Student Services provides system-wide services in school psychology, social work and counseling.

  • Office of Student Services staff members provide assessments of students being referred for special education services, reevaluate identified students with disabilities in accordance with Federal and state regulations, and serve as consultants to schools for instructional issues, behavior management, and social/emotional development.
  • Office of Student services staff members work collaboratively with community agencies to provide assistance to students.
  • School psychologists and social workers/visiting teachers are assigned to schools as itinerant personnel.
  • Counselors are school-based.

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The SEL Reference Guide catalogs student support programming that APS school teams use in their determination of what supports students need. The student supports included here demonstrate a strong commitment by APS to the well-being and success of our students.

Resources to Support Student Success and Well-Being. A Social-Emotional Learning Reference Guide


Office of?Student Services

鶹 Public Schools
2110 Washington Blvd. (2nd Floor)
鶹, VA 22204

Dr. Darrell Sampson, Executive Director of Student Services
(703) 228-6061

Dr. Laura Newton, Supervisor of School Social Work
(703) 228-6058

Wendy Crawford, Supervisor of School Psychology
(703) 228-6181

Kristin Devaney, Supervisor of Counseling Services
(703) 228-6041

Heather Davis,?Counseling Services Coordinator
(703) 228-6073

Jennifer Gross, SEL Coordinator
(703) 228-6091

Xenia Castaneda, Administrative Specialist
(703) 228-6061

Alicia Martinez Flores, Administrative Assistant
(703) 228-6046

Jennifer Vargas, Administrative Assistant
(703) 228-6062

Mary Beth Vieira, Transcripts/Records Clerk
(703) 228-6180