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Bullying Prevention

APS is committed to ensuring all students learn and thrive in safe, healthy, and supportive environments. All students participate in lessons to strengthen their understanding and awareness of recognizing, refusing, and reporting bullying behavior; the role of bystanders in bullying prevention; and strategies for building positive, respectful relationships.

APS held a Community Information Night on Safe, Inclusive Learning Environments on January 22, 2024.

Watch the presentation and find out more

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Any student, parent/guardian, or school staff may initiate a complaint for themselves or another party by completing the .

What is Bullying?

APS defines bullying as:

  • aggressive and unwanted behavior that is intended to harm, intimidate, or humiliate
  • involving a power imbalance between the aggressor/aggressors and student
  • repeating infliction or attempting infliction of injury, discomfort, or humiliation
  • a pattern of aggressive, intentional or hostile behavior that occurs repeatedly and over time
  • cyberbullying, when occurring through the use of electronic means

How can parents help?

  • Teach your student to speak out against bullying. If they observe an incident of bullying, they should inform an adult. Acting as an observer and reporting the facts of the situation is not tattling and it takes courage to do the right thing.
  • Encourage your student to reach out to a student being bullied with kindness and help them talk to an adult.
  • If you are concerned that your student is being bullied, share your concerns with your students counselor or administrator (see below) to develop a plan to help your child feel safe at school.
  • More Information


Dr. Kristin Devaney, Supervisor of Student Services

Bully Prevention Coordinators

Elementary Level

School Name Phone
Abingdon Vasthy Delgado 8456
鶹 Science Focus Olivia Proietti 8082
鶹 Traditional Tiffani Ker 8558
Ashlawn Cindy Skinner 8282
Barcroft Ashlee Demastus 8114
Barrett Christina Castromiller 8532
Campbell Natalie Hodgkiss 8444
Cardinal Gina Rocco 5280
Carlin Springs Allison Rivera 8420
Claremont Deborah Siegel 2506
Discovery Claire Nawojchik 2685
Dr. Charles R. Drew Kacee Grogan 8138
Glebe Mary McInerney 6280
Alice West Fleet Erin Upton 8215
Innovation Academy Carrie Strohl
Hoffman-Boston Alexandra Lerner 8603
Jamestown Debra Gaeta 8361
Key Laurie Dodson 8481
Long Branch Stephanie Martin 8058
Montessori Public School of 鶹 Diane Reeser 8791
Nottingham Mark Jones 8138
Oakridge Alexa Morse 8518
Randolph Jennifer Baitinger 8188
Taylor Rachel Lampert 8589
Tuckahoe Tiffaney Knight 8305

Middle Schools

School Name Phone
Dorothy Hamm Janae Rittenhouse 2919
Gunston Dr. Kevon Bruce 6912
Jefferson Dante Hicks 5907
Kenmore Kaitlin Bresnahan 6806
Swanson Rana Luthra 5535
Williamsburg Elise Kenney 5466

High Schools

School Name Phone
Wakefield Stacy Morris 6714
Washington Liberty Jessica Gregory 6251
Yorktown Johanna Boyers 5398
鶹 Career Center Kathy Brewster 5800

Alternative Programs

School Name Phone
鶹 Community High School Patricia Sanguinetti 5350
H-B Woodlawn Kate Seche 6363
Langston Eddy Matos 5295