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Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

OFA Logo copyFamily and Community Engagement (FACE) is an instructional strategy in which schools are committed to creating meaningful partnerships with families to support student academic success.? FACE work is equity work: by fostering equal partnerships between parents and educators, we aim to narrow the achievement and opportunity gaps in APS.

When schools and families work together, students, schools, and the entire 鶹 community benefit!?

FACE brings research to action by providing schools, families, and community partners the tools they need to work together so all of 鶹s children have the opportunity to succeed. With a focus on enhancing both families’ and educators’ capacity, our work is based on best practices and peer-reviewed research and literature.

School-Based FACE Action Teams

School-Based FACE Action Coordinators

The FACE Action Team is a special committee that supports a schools vision and action plan.

  • FACE Teams work together to:
    • Review school data, design, coordinate, and implement high-impact strategies that foster student academic success and well-being.
    • Build capacity among parents and educators, with an aim to narrow the achievement and opportunity gaps in APS.

Abingdon Elementary: Mary Clare Moller

鶹 Career Center: Shaniqua Sumby & Kelly Angie

Barrett Elementary: Nathaniel Ho & Emily Van Ostern

Carlin Springs Elementary: Carol Sabatino

Escuela Key Elementary: Matilde Arciniegas

Gunston Middle School: Mara (Leti) Delgado

Hoffman-Boston Elementary: Jennifer Burgin

Long Branch Elementary: Jillian Williams

Innovation Elementary: Ellen Vicens & Marissa Ezrow

Claremont Elementary: Anette Rivas

Oakridge Elementary: Lysette Lara

Shriver Program: Marissa Graham

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Elisabeth La, APS FACE Coordinator
Syphax Education Center