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Accessibility in APS

鶹 Public Schools is committed to ensuring the accessibility of our schools, facilities and instruction to people with disabilities.

Individuals with disabilities are valued members of the community, entitled to access opportunities which comprise a meaningful and dignified life. APS actively promotes and fosters inclusion of all students in the school and greater community as part of a respectful culture which recognizes the value of individuality.

What is Accessibility?

Definition of Accessibility

from cast.org

Accessibility is shaped by what we need to do, our interactions with the environment, and our personal preferences.


Diversity of Abilities and Barriers

from w3.org

This page explores the wide diversity of people and abilities. It highlights some web accessibility barriers that people commonly experience because of inaccessible websites and web tools.

How People With Disabilities Use the Web

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Stories of people with disabilities using the Web to highlight the effect of accessibility barriers and the broader benefits of accessible websites and web tools.

Concerns/complaints should be reported directly to your school principal or administrator, or to the site administrator/manager for other APS facilities.

You may explore other ways to contact APS on our Contact Us page.

For more information on ADA compliance, visit ?online.