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School Health Services

About the School Health Bureau

鶹 Public Schools health services are provided by the of the Public Health Division of 鶹 Countys Department of Human Services. The School Health Bureau (SHB) consists of two programs:? the School Health Program and the Parent Infant Education (PIE) Program.

The mission of the School Health Bureau is to provide students and their families with preventive and early intervention services that enable the student to learn to the best of his or her potential.

School Health Program

The School Health Program works in close coordination with 鶹 Public Schools (APS). The School Health Program promotes a healthy learning environment for all APS students as well as the opportunity to achieve a lifestyle that will lead to a satisfying and productive life. The School Health Program consults with APS Leadership on health issues as requested by the schools. The School Health Program does not make decisions on the opening/closing of schools.

Each 鶹 Public Schools health clinic is staffed with a School Health Aide.? Additionally, all schools have an assigned Public Health Nurse (PHN).? PHNs cover anywhere from 1 to 3 schools.? Here are some of the services provided by School Health staff:

A clinic in every school C

  • First aid
  • Emergency care
  • Administration of medications
    • are required
  • Hearing screening
  • Vision screening
  • Students must meet school entry requirements per state law. Here is a . School clinic staff can assist with questions or needs regarding school entry requirements.

Case management services

  • Assistance to children with complex medical needs
  • Education of parents and caregivers
  • Linkage to community providers and resources

Education and training

  • Educating students on important health topics
  • Training APS staff in emergency medication usage
  • Promoting prevention of communicable diseases

Health Appraisal Clinic

  • School Health provides physical examinations required for school entry, participation in sports and special education?evaluation for eligible students.?A staff physician conducts these physicals. Appointments are made through the .

?Other services

  • Coordination with Special Education and Mental Health
  • Response to outbreaks and emergencies

Parent Infant Education (PIE)

PIE is a family-centered program that serves children who have special needs from birth through two years of age. The program helps families work with their children to help them develop to their maximum potential. Services include individual plans for each child for services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and educational services.

For more information on School Health Services, visit the or call (703) 228-1651.