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APS Strategic Plan 2022-28

To ensure all students learn and thrive in safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments.

UPDATE: On December 14, 2023, the School Board approved the mission, vision, core values, and priorities for 2024-30 APS Strategic Plan (Print Version)

The next phase in the development of the 2024-30 APS Strategic Plan will continue over the next few months with the focus shifting to the monitoring and implementation elements (objectives, strategies, and key performance indicators). The community will have multiple opportunities to provide feedback during this phase of the process.The Superintendent will make recommendations on the performance objectives, strategies and key performance indicators to the School Board in June 2024. Please visit the Development of the 2024-30 Strategic Plan engage page to stay up to date.



To ensure all students learn and thrive in safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments


To be an inclusive community that empowers all students to foster their dreams, explore their possibilities, and create their futures


Excellence : Equity : Inclusivity : Integrity : Collaboration : Innovation : Stewardship

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Core Values

  • Excellence: Ensure all students receive an exemplary education that is academically challenging and meets their social and emotional needs.
  • Equity: Eliminate opportunity gaps and achieve excellence by providing access to schools, resources, and learning opportunities according to each students unique needs.
  • Inclusivity: Strengthen our community by valuing people for who they are, nurturing our diversity, and embracing the contributions of all students, families, and staff.
  • Integrity: Build trust by acting honestly, openly, ethically, and respectfully.
  • Collaboration: Foster partnerships with families, community, and staff to support the success of our students.
  • Innovation: Engage in forward-thinking to identify bold ideas that enable us to be responsive to the expectations of our organization and community while cultivating creativity, critical thinking, and resourcefulness in our students.

Background Information

, the adopted Strategic Plan, and the Code of Virginia require that 鶹 Public School review and update the strategic plan periodically. This is done to ensure it remains a high-quality guiding document as the division and the world around us changes. APS calls that process tuning.The APS Strategic Plan for 2022-28 has two levels.

  • The first level is the foundations of the Strategic Plan, the Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Goals. The foundations were developed in collaboration with the community and were adopted by the Board in June, 2018. Refinement of the Strategic Plan foundations occurs every six years and will include input from a variety of stakeholders including staff and the community.
  • The second level is the implementation and monitoring of the plan which consists of the Strategies and Performance Objectives. The implementation and monitoring elements were developed by staff and were adopted by the Board in October, 2018 and tuned in February, 2022.

Note that each of these processes extends the Strategic Plan to provide a six-year horizon at the conclusion of the process. Accordingly, the tuning process that occurred in 2022 extended the Strategic Plan to 2028. The next tuning process will occur during the 2023-24 school year and will go into effect July 1, 2024.